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Playing small to win, but losing

I have a friend who is exceptionally talented. Yet he’s chosen to play a small game in his business, and his life. He’ll tell you about all the data and justifications for why he’s playing in his specific sandbox. Excuses disguised as reasons.

Funny thing is, he’s not doing well. Even though his talent far surpasses the demands of his current business and niche, he’s failing. Why is that?

For whatever reason we think that if we hide or ‘dumb down’ where we show up in life things will be easier. But unfortunately the very fears, insecurities, laziness, doubt, self-esteem issues and inadequacies we feel will derail us, no matter which level we choose to play at.

What if the only way we can conquer those invisible forces holding us back is to walk down the road of playing the biggest game we possibly could? Chasing the inspiring dream we have, dare to impact the world in the grandest measure, come face to face with all of our fears in the furnace of pursuing your greatness. You might still fail and be derailed, but you’ll learn, recover, adapt, grow, get better and try again.

There’s no point in hiding, in playing a small game because you think you’ll win. You won’t, and then what?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you land among the stars” – Oscar Wilde