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About me

After reading Richard Branson and Yvon Chouinard’s autobiographies I was inspired to start a youth magazine, which later sold to a listed media company. I launched a global HR and Marketing consulting business and started helping companies attract, develop and retain bright young minds. Our initial success was halted by the 2008 market crash. I was idealistic and optimistic but a little naive. Some days I still am. Somewhere there’s a kid who is going to change the world if we let her pursue her dreams. I want her to usher in a society that values science more than selfies.

Big companies like Google, Nike, Toyota and Deloitte have hired me to help them solve problems. I specialise in new product development, revenue and talent growth, and authentic media, marketing and sales processes that resonate with and build loyal customers. These days I prefer working with entrepreneurs or small and medium-size businesses who want to change their industry and the world for the better. I’m almost exclusively interested in sustainable-minded, triple bottom line or BCorp business models. Want to work with me?
I’ve been a professional speaker for a decade. Companies, universities & conference organizers hire me to present awesome customised keynotes and workshops. I was a finalist at the World Championships of Public Speaking in Washington DC and have presented at hundreds of conferences and industry events globally on topics including; marketing, product development, branding, culture, high-performance, sales, strategy and communication. 
My greatest experience while raising capital and launching a sports media startup in Silicon Valley was meeting all the phenomenal minds working in tech. Startup hubs around the world and the entrepreneurs in them who believe in open source and ethical business models will transform education, healthcare and entrepreneurship. Companies like Automattic and Salesforce have shown how a good idea with great leadership can transform lives. Even traditional industries like manufacturing can evolve to a ‘planet and people first’ model as demonstrated by companies like Patagonia and Sealand Gear.
Golf is the greatest game ever played. I’m currently a pro on minor tours but aim to make it to the majors. The pursuit of excellence forces me to grow and evolve as a person. When I’m not playing golf or working, you’ll find me surfing, going to concerts, doing standup comedy, hiking, flyfishing, travelling, watching movies, reading, playing with your dog or dancing. I love spending time with amazing friends, mentors & family – preferably we’re also drinking good red wine!
I make mistakes and fail often. In prehistoric times I would have been killed by my tribe or eaten by a reptile by now. If we’re only here once we should probably try some stuff that scares us. I’m learning more from my failures than successes. I’ve probably cursed while in the company of your kids, sorry. I have a daughter now because karma. There’s a long list of friends, mentors, books, podcasts & blogs that help guide me in my quest of becoming a better man. My girlfriend, close family and friends make life a joy. At the moment I split my time between South Africa, Canada and Asia. Any questions, send me an email or let’s go surf.