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Hi, Christof here.

Smart people and innovative companies hire me to help them change the(ir) world. I write, speak, consult and create things when I’m not playing pro golf. I love being in nature, learning, sustainable business, and dogs. Currently YVR. More ‘About’ me.

Some of my clients.

I write things, often worth reading.  

Stop and Listen

Listening is an incredible quality. Firstly, you signal respect, empathy and consideration towards the person speaking to you. You're signalling the meaning of the interaction through your manner.   Secondly, even if just subconsciously, you're acknowledging that...

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Problems, Injuries, Setbacks and Disappointments

I’ve been lying in bed with intense nerve pain in my hips and back for the last 3 days. Not quite how I scripted the start of 2020. To be fair, I’m probably still experiencing the hangover that was 2019.  Last year contained some highs but many lows. My beautiful...

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The Tools You Want vs The Outcomes You Need

Today my trusty steed of 8 years died. I have however been expecting this day for about 7 years. He had survived attempted drowning by countless spilled cups of coffee. Was subjected to sandblasting in a 43°C Namibian desert. Was set on fire by the only ‘authentic’...

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Do You Have Any Advice?

I've been thinking a lot about advice recently - both the asking for and giving of. To be fair, most of us are happy to give advice even if no one asked for it.   We all think we know what someone else should do. If they would just shut up long enough so that we can...

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