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Hi, Christof here.

Smart people and innovative companies hire me to help them change the world. I write, speak, consult and create things when I’m not playing pro golf. I love being in nature, learning, sustainable business, and dogs. Currently JNB YVR CPT. More ‘About’ me.

Some of my clients.

I write things, often worth reading.  

Do You Have Any Advice?

I've been thinking a lot about advice recently - both the asking for and giving of. To be fair, most of us are happy to give advice even if no one asked for it.   We all think we know what someone else should do. If they would just shut up long enough so that we can...

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Fugly doesn’t matter

Guess how many pairs of Crocs have been sold? Over 300 Million. That's a statistically relevant number because it disproves my theory that 'I can count on one hand the number of people who actually buy themselves Crocs'.  Yes, one of the ugliest shoes ever made is one...

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The Responsibility of Ideas

When I was in elementary school I started writing and sketching ideas onto pieces of paper or in my homework diary. There was the design for a fort on the abandoned lot in our neighbourhood. Ways to throw firecrackers onto passing cars while hiding in the tree above...

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Assume struggle, be kind

  Someone just got retrenched, had a miscarriage, has a child that doesn't talk to them, can't pay their bills, suffers from depression, failed an exam, buried their mom, didn't land the deal, got divorced, has cancer, just finished working night shift, found out...

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Playing small to win, but losing

I have a friend who is exceptionally talented. Yet he's chosen to play a small game in his business, and his life. He'll tell you about all the data and justifications for why he's playing in his specific sandbox. Excuses disguised as reasons. Funny thing is, he's not...

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Creating more ‘defaults’ in your life

I use Evernote for any ad hoc writing, notes or reminders, and their web page clipper and tagging tool is great for storing articles you want to review later. You can create custom ‘Notebooks' in Evernote, but there’s a ‘Default’ notebook where any new note is stored...

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