December 25, 2016

Thank you.

It’s Christmas day. I’m not religious and copious amounts of presents were never the highlight for me. This time of year is always special for me because I get to spend it with close friends and family. Un/fortunately this year, I’m off on a work adventure in SE Asia, which means I’m going to spend today by myself.

Being away from the people I care about caused me to deeply reflect on all the amazing people I’m privileged to have (or had) in my life whether family, friends or even acquaintances. Each one of them has influenced me, and will continue to beautifully impact my life, often without them even knowing it.

My heart is filled with gratitude, love and best wishes for every single one of you…

One of the movies that left an indelible mark on me as a kid was ‘Brassed Off’ starring Ewan McGregor, Pete Postlethwaite and a¬†stellar cast of UK actors. Heartfelt, humorous, romantic (“top half only”) and inspiring – definitely worth a ‘Christmas Movie’ viewing in the next few days if you haven’t seen it. There’s a beautiful moment where ‘Danny’ stands in front of a full auditorium in a moment dripping with decorum only to utter…

“I thought that music matters, but does it bollocks, not compared to how people matter”

Take a moment today to be grateful for the people that matter to you, then take a moment to appreciate that you’re on someone else’s list too. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.