Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

– Marianne Williamson

Hi, I'm Christof.

Entrepreneur, speaker and pro golfer. Companies, organisations and individuals hire me to help them solve problems and build something valuable. You’ll find links to posts, videos and projects below. Any questions? Email me, or let’s go surf 🙂


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I’m trying to write more regularly about the things inside my head that might be of value to you. Some posts are great, others are crap. See all posts here…


About Me

After reading Richard & Yvon's...

Autobiographies I started a youth magazine & later sold it to a listed media company. My global HR and Marketing consulting business failed during the 2008 market crash. I was idealistic, inexperienced & naive. Some days I still am. Somewhere there’s a kid who can change the world with nothing more than a cellphone, and she will, we just need to show her that society values science more than selfies. 

Companies like Google, Nike & Deloitte...

Have hired me to help solve problems, increase revenue, develop new products & create authentic media, marketing & sales processes that resonate with their ideal customer. These days I prefer working with small & medium size businesses who want to change their industry & the world for the better. 

Education reform, technology & entrepreneurship ...

Will positively change the world (especially the lives of people in 3rd world countries) in ways we can’t imagine. Companies like Patagonia & Tesla have proven that you can be a profitable business & have a positive impact on the environment & society. Technology is empowering millions. I’m trying to enable some of the revolution through my projects Fundado & 

As a professional speaker...

Companies, universities & conference organizers hire me to present awesome keynotes. I was a finalist at the World Championships of Public Speaking in Washington DC & have presented at more than 500 conferences, corporate functions & industry events globally on a variety of topics including; marketing, product development, branding, culture, high performance, strategy & communication. 

I raised funding & launched...

A sports media startup in Silicon Valley. The mindset found in startup hubs like the Bay area, Austin, Tel Aviv, Boston, Bangalore, Colorado, Berlin, Vancouver, Shenzhen, Seattle, Singapore and my current home city Cape Town make me excited about the future of business & how innovation can positively impact society. 

Golf is the greatest game...

Ever played. I play as a pro on minor tours (aiming to make it to the majors) & win tournaments when I don’t beat myself (up). The pursuit of excellence forces me to grow & evolve as a person. I interview the best minds in sport about things like neuroscience, technology, psychology, biokinetics & high performance. You can find all of these interviews in the ‘Golf’ section. 

When not working...

You’ll find me surfing, going to concerts or standup comedy, hiking, flyfishing, traveling, golfing, watching movies, reading, playing with your dog or dancing. I love spending time with amazing friends, mentors & family – preferably we’re also drinking good red wine!

I make mistakes...

And fail often. In prehistoric times I would have been killed by my tribe (sorry!) or eaten by a reptile by now. If we’re only here once we should probably try some stuff that scares us. I’m learning more from my failures than successes. I’ve probably cursed while in the company of your kids. There’s a long list of friends, mentors, books, podcasts & blogs that help guide me to become a better man.

I love my country...

South Africa is one of the most inspiring places on earth. I hope that as a nation we realize what a disservice we’re doing ourselves by continually voting for ‘leaders’ who have no interest in the interests of the people. Hope for our future starts with taking action today, by voting, supporting & educating the youth, enabling entrepreneurs & taking an interest in the lives of others.

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