April 26, 2016

What do you do when advertising is broken? Create NIBE.

Under Armour did so well here I had to create a buzzword acronym for them. NIBE – Nonintrusive Immersive Brand Experiences. As we become more advertising apathetic brands are forced to find new and innovative ways to connect with their community. Some do this badly by either shouting louder, or louder in more places. Others do it really well by using ‘NIBE’.

Let’s use Under Armour as an example. There’s no doubt about the fact that they’re eating into Nike’s market share. Through very shrewd athlete selection they’ve bought some of the most significant names in sports today. Steph Curry, Tom Brady, Jordan Spieth, Misty Copeland, Michael Phelps and the list goes on… Curry’s value alone has been estimated (by Morgan Stanley) at $14 Billion in sales for Under Armour.

But back to NIBE. One of my favourite sites is, an online music radio and social network where anyone can upload playlists of their choice and users can search according to moods, artists, genres etc. Instead of Under Armour plastering this site with advertising it’s decided to create connection through its superstar athletes. You can go to Under Armour’s 8tracks profile and listen to playlists compiled by Brady, Copeland, Phelps, Spieth etc. Quite frankly I’m pretty intrigued to know what Phelps is listening to as he walks out to the pool, or Spieth as he’s warming up at a Major, or Brady and Curry as they get ready to win a Championship. How does their music taste compare to mine? Does this help them win? Suddenly I’m in their heads, and they’re in mine. All soundtracked thanks to Under Armour. Music deeply moves you. They haven’t shouted, they’ve created an immersive experience for me. That’s winning. Respect.

Check out Under Armour’s 8tracks page here…