Personal Development

Managing Life: The Humble Checklist

I’m perplexed by our tendency to NOT proactively manage the things we know are important to us. If you’re one of those impressively disciplined, meticulous, proactive and analytical individuals (I am not, yet) who has all your shit in order (finances, relationships, work, health, files on your laptop) this post isn’t for you. Go back […]

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10 Steps to Take When You’ve F**cked Up and Failed

95% of my writing serves the purpose of clarifying my own thoughts – often as it concerns processing my life and the events, people, experiences, aspirations, troubles and decisions I’m confronted with. If you find any value in these writings I’m glad. If not, I hope you find what you’re looking for somewhere else. I’ve had to confront […]

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New Projects. Old Fears.

Successful people who I look up to seem to compartmentalise their life and work in terms of projects. Gone are the days of an all-encompassing job or career. Life happens in batches of completed tasks. Some projects last a day (convince them that I’m the right guy for the job) and some never end (be […]

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[Come up with title for Procrastination Post…]

Stop feeling crap about it. We all do it. We’re all putting off things we should be doing. Maybe it’s exercise, a phone call, a work project or some DIY task. You’re probably avoiding pain (effort, discomfort, pressure, potential failure etc.) and gaining pleasure (look at photos online, watch that new tv show, order pizza, […]

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