Having the balls to accept coming trends

‘Disruption’ was probably one of the most overused business terms and ideas last year. “How do we disrupt our product, industry, company, underwear etc?” I get it, change happens overnight and suddenly nothing is the same anymore. But I’m still surprised by how many industries hold onto old practices or ideas even when the writing […]

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New Projects. Old Fears.

Successful people who I look up to seem to compartmentalise their life and work in terms of projects. Gone are the days of an all-encompassing job or career. Life happens in batches of completed tasks. Some projects last a day (convince them that I’m the right guy for the job) and some never end (be […]

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What do you do when advertising is broken? Create NIBE.

Under Armour did so well here I had to create a buzzword acronym for them. NIBE – Nonintrusive Immersive Brand Experiences. As we become more advertising apathetic brands are forced to find new and innovative ways to connect with their community. Some do this badly by either shouting louder, or louder in more places. Others […]

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A lesson learned from a man in adult diapers

I found myself in a well known grocery store late one night just before closing. I arrived at the checkout till just as an old man was finalizing his purchases. He seemed aware and agitated at my arrival, as I started taking items out of my basket. The checkout clerk was having some issues scanning […]

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