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Hi, Christof here.

Smart people and innovative companies hire me to help them change the world. I write, speak, consult and create things when I’m not playing pro golf. I love being in nature, learning, sustainable business, and dogs. Currently JNB YVR CPT. More ‘About’ me.

Some of my clients.

I write things, often worth reading.  

Creating more ‘defaults’ in your life

I use Evernote for any ad hoc writing, notes or reminders, and their web page clipper and tagging tool is great for storing articles you want to review later. You can create custom ‘Notebooks' in Evernote, but there’s a ‘Default’ notebook where any new note is stored...

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Embracing Multiplicity

On my first day of school I realized that I was a bit 'different'. When break time arrived I found myself going from one group of kids to the next, saying hi and playing, then moving on to the next group. This continued through to high school where I was friends with...

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Having The Balls To Succeed

‘Disruption’ was probably one of the most overused business terms and ideas last year. “How do we disrupt our product, industry, company, underwear etc?” I get it, change happens overnight and suddenly nothing is the same anymore. Adaptability is now a requirement,...

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Empathy As a Way Of Doing Business

I found myself in a well-known grocery store late one night just before closing time. I arrived at the checkout till just as an old man was finalizing his purchases. He seemed aware and agitated at my arrival, as I started taking items out of my basket. The checkout...

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